January in England – not the best time to sketch

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Although I’ve been able to paint and draw indoors, the thought of sitting outside to sketch is just too much – frozen fingers, wet clothes, shivers and general discomfort.  Already it is now late January though and when I go out for walks there are small signs of the countryside turning its face towards spring.  The yellow gorse if flowering on the hills, birds are singing and looking very busy.  Just another month or so and I’ll be able to go out with my three-legged stool on a fine day and sketch in the open-air again.

In the meantime here are a few things I’ve done in the last couple of weeks.  The first one is Bamburgh Castle, a painting I’ve been pleased to frame and send to my sister for a birthday present.  My family lived in Newcastle on Tyne while I was growing up and we often went up the Northumbrian coast to see Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh castles, magnificent buildings set on the edge of the sea.

This next one is painted from one of my phone’s screensavers (thank you Huawei).  It turns out that its a lighthouse in Maine USA although I didn’t know this until Google identified it for me without me asking.  It is in fact  Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse.


The third painting is from Google Streetview.  I was going to do a painting of Cowes Baptist Church on the Isle of Wight (a church I visited while on holiday) but when I came to look at it on StreetView I realised that it was a rather dull building with nothing much to make it into an interesting picture. As I “turned round” on StreetView, I saw “Chip Ahoy!”, a fish and chip shop in a row of small Victorian villas.

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