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One of my favourite television programmes is Michael Portillo’s Great Continental Railway Journeys, in which each week he travels through a European country by train, stopping off at various places to see what the place is like and to meet various interesting people.  This week the journey was through the little-known country of Georgia but last week we were in the Ukraine, a fascinating place with several different culture exhibited as you travel north to south.

I find that my watching the programme on catch-up on the computer, I can pause when I see a paintable scene and capture the image with Windows Snipping tool. I then print off the “photo” and do a sketch of it – here is St Sophia’s Orthodox cathedral in Kiev.

I don’t paint many still-lifes but was inspired by looking at our “Pebble” tea-pot to set one up on the dining table and have a go.  With the addition of a Denbigh cup and saucer and a box of jasmine tea I think it came out well enough – its a very small painting – sketchbook size..
Finally, here are a couple more doorways, both based on photos I found on Instagram (with the photographer’s permission!).

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